Student Clinic

Jo has an extremely welcoming and friendly personality. Very relaxing touch and I liked the encouragement of deep breathing. Thank you! (August 2016)

Jo was very warm, nurturing feeling with a nice, sincere smile. The massage was smooth. I had wanted more pressure when I began, but she was good with amount she used. It seemed more effective. (August 2016)

Very soothing pressure. Great stretching of peck and neck. Just what I needed! (August 2016)

Wonderful! Thank you, Jo! Just lovely! (June 2016)

Jo was great. She has very soft and smooth hands with very good strokes. (June 2016)

Great pace and focus on working out the knots. Thanks, Jo! (June 2016)

She was very gracious, I was late. I can take a lot of pressure. It was adequate but she could have pushed harder. (July 2016)

Great communication overall. I could have used just a bit stronger pressure, but it was great and relaxing. Great neck and shoulder work. (July 2016)

Jo has potential to be a good therapist. She’s friendly and personable, and her touch was very comfortable. However, Jo never checked in regarding pressure, but she did check in about my comfort. I was hoping for more work and pressure on the knots in my upper back and shoulders. I feel relaxed, but not worked over. (July 2016)

Super nice and personable. She asked about my history, what was going on, how I was feeling. Also gave great follow up advice. Very communicative and helpful. Overall, she maintained good pressure. Definitely worked on troubled areas. They’re feeling much more loose and better range of motion. (July 2016)