Greetings and blessings,

My name is Jo Bruno. It’s essential I take the time to introduce myself. I am taking over the amazing chair massage responsibilities of Massage Garage. I have worked with Keri for just over a year, but as soon as we met it was a universal connection; we knew each other already. Overtime, her and I created a strong business, personal relationship that has blessed both our lives. 

A little about me, personally. I was raised in Pittsburg where I struggled through most of my childhood and young adult life. I overcame the trauma by focusing on my core values and spiritual growth. After traveling and finding balance and courage, I attended the university system for nearly 8 years. I studied journalism, graphic design, photography, writing, and anthropology. I was heavily involved in student life and became an advocate for those who needed a voice on campus.

Now, I’ve recently graduated from a 900-hour program and have become a student ambassador through National Holistic Institute in Emeryville. Keri, herself graduated from NHI, too; it’s significant to point out. Furthermore, I am working as a social media strategist for a California based nonprofit organization (CAMHPRO) which advocates for the mental health communities throughout the state. With all that I have accomplished throughout my adult life, I now see myself and my family strengthening our roots and expanding our lives and wellness with others. 

I have some ideas to expand the business. It’s called The Massage Garage Pit Crew, where our massage therapists (the pit crew) will attend local events to provide our services as individual therapists but universal healing modalities. We will have opportunities to attend car shows, farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts, and even more personal events like fundraisers, conferences, and employee wellness days.

I’m ready to create a union of massage therapists who enthusiastically help others heal by simple, gentle touch and even those with a more deep and unique service. It’s my goal to set up a program for National Holistic Institute and externship opportunities for the students. While I attended school, I was lucky to find a mentor like Keri, it would be my honor to do the same for upcoming massage therapists.